Live—and learn to lead—with like-minded freshmen

If you are an incoming freshman to Indiana University and are interested in leadership, public policy, and making the world a better place, consider living with your like-minded peers at the Civic Leaders Center. Launched in August 2013, the Civic Leaders Center is a living-learning center for students—of all majors—who are dedicated to leading for the greater good.


Students study in the Briscoe library, where the Civic Leaders Center has its own growing book collection.
A team of Civic Leaders volunteer for Global Youth Service Day.
Civic Leaders travel to Washington, D.C. over fall break each year.
Civic Leaders network with alumni at a reception in Washington, D.C.
Students jump into Showalter Fountain, an IU tradition, for a scavenger hunt during Civic Leaders orientation.

Civic Leaders recognized as leading volunteers

In 2018, the Civic Leaders Center received a Be More Award for their more than 500 hours of annual volunteer service, partnering with community organizations to benefit Bloomington.

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Live in the Briscoe Residence Center

Our residential program, located in the Briscoe Residence Center in the northwest neighborhood of the Indiana University Bloomington campus, gives first-year students of all majors a running start on their education. We deliver experiences usually only afforded to upperclassmen: smaller classes, access to influential leaders and special guest speakers, career and leadership training, and trips to places like Washington, D.C. and Greece.

When you join the Civic Leaders Center, this Big Ten university feels more like a close-knit community. Students selected to participate in Civic Leaders live together, learn together, develop leadership skills necessary to make a difference together—and develop lasting relationships in the process.

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Live. Learn. Lead.

Description of the video:

[piano chords and classical piano in background throughout]
[William McKinney speaking] It's people who are interested in basically changing the world.
[Olivia Rancine speaking] Hi, I'm Olivia Rancine and I'm majoring in environmental management and I'm from Nashville, Tennessee.
[McKinney] Hey, I'm William McKinney from Indianapolis, Indiana, and I'm majoring in law and public policy.
[Rancine} And I think that's the most important thing that it offers. It's a sense of community
[McKinney] To have your closest friends like two doors down, it's the greatest feeling ever. During Welcome Week there were a lot of events
I know every name of the LC, and I could probably have a really good conversation with all of them
and I think it dates all the way back to the Welcome Week activities.
[Rancine] Sometimew we refer to Briscoe as Briscoe Hotel. [McKinney] Yeah, Hotel
[Rancine] A lot of the rooms are set up suite style.
You only share a bathroom like with three other people, and that's definitely a major part.
And then, of course, we have the kitchen which is great because sometimes you do get tired of dorm food. We have washers and dryers
which we don't pay for! [McKinney} Yeah- on our floors!
I really like living in Northwest because everyone here is really energetic and outgoing. The great part about being at Briscoe
is that were just a quick walk away from Memorial Stadium.
LLC classroom is in the center building and that's pretty much open to us anytime
[Rancine} And we're all very familiar with each other
so there's a lot of participation like the learning experience is enhanced because we have like a greater sense of community.
So, Paul (Helmke) has a lot of connections in different fields.
It's really great to meet these people and have those experiences which I don't think you'd find anywhere else.
[McKinney] To see someone being what I want to be one day
was just probably the best thing (laughter).
[Rancine] And I think the CLC has definitely helped me get involved in a lot of
organizations that I wouldn't have considered before. I think Bradford Woods allowed me to get it to know more about
my fellow Civic Leaders.
[McKinney} Washington, D.C. is probably where I want to live because of the trip. Walking around and seeing the monuments I
really felt a sense of inspiration from all of them.
[Lee Hamilton speaking] They stay in mute.
They've done their share.
It's up to us.